Preperaing for Camps (Hydration)


As camps begin to roll around it is important
to know and understand the role of hydration!
Texas Heat is noting to play with!
Staying hydrated is vital to keeping your body temperature and electrolyte level balanced. When dehydrated, you can become fatigued, experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, heat illness and heat stroke.  Pouring Water
How much water should you drink?

8 glasses of water a day is no longer true. Instead, think about how much you weigh and divide that number in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should drink per day. For instance, a person who is 200 pounds, should drink 100 oz. of water per day to be adequately hydrated. (That’s 12.5 glasses of water!) Athlete’s with a high level of muscle mass should drink even more, about two-thirds of their body weight in ounces per day.

Are you dehydrated?

The easiest way to tell if your hydrated, or not, is to look at the color of your urine. The clearer it is, the more hydrated you are. If your urine is brown or deep yellow, you need to drink more water, immediately.

Should you drink water while you exercise? And how do you prevent that sloshing feeling inside your stomach?

Yes, you should drink about 8 oz. every 15 minutes while exercising. If you drink smaller amounts (say 4 oz. at a time), you’ll keep from getting that uncomfortable sloshing feeling, which often occurs when we get too thirsty and drink too much water at a time. If you quit sweating during a workout, that is indication you need more water. Although water can give you a bloating feeling, it is important to eat after working out as well!

Water vs. sports drinks-which is better?

Sports drinks contain extra sugar and calories that can benefit a real endurance athlete (someone who is exercising for 4 hours or more) or someone in an extremely hot environment. Otherwise, water is always a better choice both physically and economically.For our camps, Gatorade and water in a 50/50 consumption rate is optimal.

Bottled water-is it better for you?

Some bottled waters come from springs and some from metropolitan sources. It comes down to an individual’s choice, which you prefer or whether you’d rather drink tap water. Just be sure to stay hydrated no matter which type of water you choose to drink.

Please make sure your child is prepared, physically which improves mental functuality, including awareness.Being dehydrated can mess with the mind of an athlete and allow an individual to lose focus. Dehydration can cause an athlete to lose 10% of maximum body strength.

Stay hydrated my friends.


D-Line U 2014 Registration

The 1rst Logo


Often referred to as the “D-Line University”, for the large representation of collegiate defensive lineman transitioning to the NFL. Players from the University of Texas have put in action, their dream, to compile a football camp for the youth!

NFL Players 2014
All of our players that committed and came out to the camp! These guys were awesome!

Defensive lineman from around the globe, came together to offer an experience unlike any other. Players from the University of Texas have put in action, their dream, to compile a football camp for the youth! Defensive lineman from around the country, came together to offer an experience unlike any other. 150 plus kids showed up with a positive attitude and were matched by the intense passion of the players! Players taught necessary techniques, run stopping fundamentals, pass rush moves, and the attitudes necessary to play in the trenches at a high level. With the help of our sponsors Russell Korman Jewelers, Longhorn Trophies, Texas Family Physicians, Chick-Fil A, and Vandegrift High School, D-Line U was a huge hit with much media attention.

Included Guests:

Sam Acho: University of Texas, Arizona Cardinals

Jason Babin: Western Michigan University, Jacksonville Jaguars

Tim Crowder: University of Texas, Denver Broncos

Tommie Harris: University of Oklahoma, Chicago Bears

Lamarr Houston: University of Texas, Oakland Raiders

Jackson Jeffcoat: University of Texas, Future NFL Team

Henry Melton: University of Texas, Chicago Bears

Roy Miller: University of Texas, Jacksonville Jaguars

Alex Okafor: University of Texas, Arizona Cardinals

Frank Okam: University of Texas, New York Giants

Brian Orakpo: University of Texas, Washington Redskins

Kenneth Sims: University of Texas, New England Patriots

Rod Wright: University of Texas, Miami Dolphins

Desmond Bryant: Harvard University, Cleveland Browns

Derek Lokey: University of Texas, Kansas City Chiefs


Stay tuned…